Burt's Instrumentals Get Spruced Up

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Burt's Instrumentals Get Spruced Up

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I chanced upon an upload on Vimeo of 'Freefall' from Burt's 1971 self-titled album. It was amazingly clear - I heard no background noise or imperfections.

Here is a link:


Then there's this crystal clear rendition of 'South American Getaway':


These uploads are part of a restoration project being undertaken by John Henry Wheeler - an audio engineer who's worked in the industry for decades. His project is called Regroove. On his website he states: "Far more than being digitally remastered, they have been reconstructed, eliminating noise inherent in the analog recording process." He has several other restored Bacharach originals (incl 'Knowing When to Leave' and Pacific Coast Highway') available to listen to on his website as well as tunes by the Carpenters, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66, Herb Alpert and many others.

John is hoping to persuade key players in the recording industry to re-release these and other gems using the technology he has developed. Currently these restored versions are not available commercially.

I contacted John online and asked him where he sourced the Bacharach material from. He told me that he used the digital transfers that came out on CD. Certainly those versions are very good but when I hear John's renditions I find even more clarity and, to me, they are less heavy on the ear than the CD recordings.

John was happy for me to publicize his work on this forum. Below is his website address:



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