a rare video of "Another Night"

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helcio mazzuco
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a rare video of "Another Night"

Postby helcio mazzuco » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:28 pm

Isn't that "groovy" ? :lol:
A very rare video from a Dionne, Burt & Hal collaboration that peaked at # 49 (in America) in early 1967..."Another Night"
Have fun !

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Postby steveo_1965 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:08 am

Ty for the cool old video ala 60's Dionne is looking very sexy...
Regarding the song - Another Night...I don't know about this
tune...it's mostly too jangly for me, although its a relief when the strings come in and she sings "oh, I need him" etc. also the bridge is great....it has elements of genius....but as a complete song, I just can't hang with it....
Although Im not famous, Ive written some songs that can be torn apart
or not liked, and really don't work. I realize that as songwriters, we have to write whatever comes out, and whatever we're feeling, we try to bring it to a head, and do what we can with it.... It's this nervous "Bond Street" rhythm that
I think doesn't translate into a good vocal....it's a very hyper affair when the voices sing the hook line. The overall arrangement of the song is, of course, brilliant, as usual....I love Dionne in this video!

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