The Look Of Love

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The Look Of Love

Post by danlindroos »

Hi, everyone ! :)

Just registered ! Have been a Bacharach fan
since youthood (I am 65 now) :)
Recently I bought a sequencer program
called Band In A Box (BIAB) and started to
make music. I hold the opinion that
Burt is one of the finest composers ever.
I love his tunes very much and since I
got the BIAB I have also tried to make one
or two of Burt´s tunes. As I do them
just for my own pleasure I have put them on
a box forum where only people can have access that
I give permission to.

I just sung "The Look Of Love" upon the BIAB backing
and I post the link here for members to listen to. :)

Dani Lindroos

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