My top 10 for today, 9-28-04

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An Enormous BB Fan
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My top 10 for today, 9-28-04

Post by An Enormous BB Fan »

My Top Ten list will vary day to day, depending on my mood of course. You see, Burt wrote too many unbelievably great songs to fit into a Top Ten list.

Top Ten lists were not made for geniuses like Burt Bacharach, I'll tell you that!

Every so often I will post my favority top 10. They will be different, of course, depending on the day.

1. Promises, Promises
2. Do You Know The Way To San Jose
3. I Say A Little Prayer For You
4. Odds and Ends
5. The April Fools
6. Anyone Who Had A Heart
7. A House Is Not A Home
8. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
9. Walk Little Dolly
10. Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa

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My view

Post by AbyssFlame »

My top five are

1:Alfie (Cilla Black version)
2:Thats what friends are For (Dionne and friends)
3:Close to You
4:Raindrops keep Falling on My Head
5:Walk On By
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Peter Greenhill
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Re: My view

Post by Peter Greenhill »

[quote="AbyssFlame"]My top eight are:

Promises, Promises
Lost Horizon
Walk on By
Here I Am
The Windows of the World
Message For Martha
Always Something There to Remind Me

Ian T
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Here goes...

Post by Ian T »

Top Ten? That's hard. Oh well...

Something Big
Odds and Ends
South American Getaway
I Say a Little Prayer
This Guy's in Love with You
Wives and Lovers
Bond Street
To Wait For Love
The Look of Love

...that's for today anyway.....
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My Favorite Bacharach Song

Post by BB4LIFE »

My favorite Bacharach song would have to be "A House is Not a Home." And the version I am talking about is a live version from a concert he gave a while back. I want to say possibly in the 70's or so is when it took place, I could be wrong. This version can be found on the Something Big: The Complete A&M Years CD. The intro is awesome, with Burt humming the first few notes and then joining the final note with the next chord from his piano. CLASSIC. It is a very intimate performance in my opinion. Burt is not only my favorite composer, but also, one of my favorite "singers" as well. Simply because when he sings he songs, you know he means every word. The emotion and dedication is all there. What more can you ask for? He is the man.

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My Top Ten (if only for the moment)

Post by rasputin »

I agree, BB FAN, Top Ten Lists were never made for Burt's genius.

Let us say then that today these are my Top Ten:

1. "(They Don't Give Medals To) Yesterday's Heroes" by Dionne,
2. "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" by Dusty
3. "(There Goes) The Forgotten Man" by Jimmy Radcliffe
4. "My Thief" by Burt and Elvis
5. "The Wine Is Young" by Dionne
6. "Turkey-Lurkey Time" from PROMISES, PROMISES
7. "What The World Needs Now Is Love" by Jackie De Shannon
8. "So Long, Johnny" by Jackie De Shannon
9. "Looking With My Eyes" by Dionne
10. "The Things I Will Not Miss" from LOST HORIZON

Hmm... and this only scratches the surface of my interest in BB/HD/DW.... They change from day-to-day...
Central Texas, USA

Errand of Mercy
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Post by Errand of Mercy »

so..for today, here are 3 lists


High Temperature, Low Resistance
Downhill And Shady
Stripping Realy Isn't Sexy
World Of Make-Believe
Bond Street
The Look Of Love Soundtrack Version
Hasbrook Heights
Walk The Way You Talk
The Balance Of Nature


Anyone Who Had A Heart - Dionne
Walk On By - Dionne
Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So - Dionne
(Here I Go Again) Lookin' With My Eyes - Dionne
Land Of Make-Believe - The Drifters
Try To See It My Way - Peggy March
Gotta Get A Girl - Frankie Avalon
My Little Red Book Single Version - Manfred Mann
Long Ago, Tomorrow - B.J. Thomas
Promise Her Anything - Tom Jones


A House Is Not A Home
My Little Red Book
The Balance Of Nature
That's Not The Answer
Let Me Go To Him
As Long As There's An Apple Tree
Pick Up The Pieces
Who's Got The Action
I Just Have To Breathe

Peter Greenhill
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Re: My top 10 for today, 9-28-04

Post by Peter Greenhill »

Ok here's my top 10 at the moment:

The Look of Love
Promises Promises
Here I Am
Walk On By
Lost Horizon
Something Big
The Windows of the World
Message to Martha


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Re: My top 5

Post by iana5252 »

My top five:

1) Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa: Matt Walton ( ... 5585.shtml)
2) She Likes Basketball: John Bolton (
3) That's What Friends Are For: Liz Callaway, Billy Porter, John Pagano (
4) Promise Her Anything (
5) I'll Never Fall In Love Again: Jill O'Hara and Tony Roberts ( ... 2081.shtml)

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Post by Zerberro »

responses very good! )

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Re: My top 10 for today, 9-28-04

Post by Shemp9971 »

Here are my top five:

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
Promises, Promises
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Walk On By
Arthur's Theme

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