Laura Nyro - Go Find The Moon: The Audition Tape

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Laura Nyro - Go Find The Moon: The Audition Tape

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The album is released today and here's the title track. One thing is for certain, Laura Nyro might have been only eighteen when this was recorded but it's already all there and it was unique to her:


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Re: Laura Nyro - Go Find The Moon: The Audition Tape

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It`s almost a misnomer to call this an "album." Clocking in at just over eighteen minutes, these tracks would have been more at home appended to a reissue of her first release. But since Columbia (Sony, or whatever they are now) let her go after Nested tanked, it`s doubtful that they bid on this mini-trove. (I know, "...Discovery" was originally on MGM/Verve but CBS/Columbia bought it in `73 and owns it still).
Of the eight tracks here, only half are complete songs; a couple consist only of the sung title line. Two ("In and Out" and "Enough of You") have been on the internet for years. That leaves already-formed versions of "And When I Die" and "Lazy Susan", an early - very different - version of "Luckie" and the title track, shared by Paul above.
It`s a must-have for completists or those like myself who missed the original, New York Laura when she changed in the mid-seventies. For everyone else, probably a quick listen-through or two on YouTube or Spotify will do it.

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