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Hiromi Live Stream New Year`s Eve

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 8:04 am
by Blair N. Cummings
The great jazz pianist Hiromi is performing a benefit for the NYC Blue Note from its counterpart in Tokyo starting at 11:00pm EST December 31 (adjust your time accordingly). There`s an encouragement to make a donation to the club, but you can stream the performance live and/or watch it all the next day for $20.00 (US). (For once, there`s a tacit acknowledgement that a show viewed on a screen isn`t at all the same as that same show viewed in person and the price has been reduced accordingly).
Since I`m of the opinion that live music venues as we knew them are gone forever, this may be as close as some of you will ever get to seeing Hiromi play live. Also, because there`s no chance of a stream "selling out" you can probably wait until the day of the performance to sign up. Just calculate the time from your home zone. ... newyorkNYE
I`ve seen her very close-up in person more than once and she`s astonishing.

Re: Hiromi Live Stream New Year`s Eve

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:33 pm
by Blair N. Cummings
Minor correction to the above:
Your access code will only allow for one concurrent stream i.e. You can either watch it live or stream it on demand once the following day...not both.
(Makes no sense to me, either but I wasn`t consulted).

Re: Hiromi Live Stream New Year`s Eve

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:04 am
by Blair N. Cummings
I`m not sure why this topic is still receiving hits.
I hope those who saw her performance enjoyed it. I was pleased to see her wearing her trademark sneakers and not masked. (I streamed a New York show by Trio 3 - Plus One a while back and all four musicians were masked - in an empty club).
Hiromi is still at the Tokyo club and playing with a string quartet one night this week. I`ve no idea what that`s about but I didn`t like Charlie Parker with strings so I`m skeptical.
Nevertheless, I hope she made a few new fans.
P.S. Be aware that her albums with Sonic Bloom and those labelled Trio Project are "fusion" affairs, so proceed - or not - according to taste.