New Song!

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Roberto Pinardi
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New Song!

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New song

Blair N. Cummings
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Re: New Song!

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

Why do almost all political lyrics come off as soft-headed and sentimental? Is it because actual political conduct (on all sides) is, perforce, hard-headed to the point of near-sociopathy and the very act of writing anything (excepting perhaps arrest warrants and ransom notes) a romantic act?
The song at hand to my ears rates somewhere between the previous Federer collaborations "Bridges" (the stark, excellent, live version) and "Blanket Capes" (a misfire).

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Re: New Song!

Post by pljms »

It sounds like classic Bacharach to me and there's a naturalness in the way the lyrics scan with the melody which hasn't always been apparent in the more recent songs. It also has an immediacy that engages you right from the start.

Sara D
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Re: New Song!

Post by Sara D »

Those are seriously good musicians and after many years of being familiar with their names through the credits on CD sleeves it's a pleasure to actually watch them in the studio making that song come alive.

Martin Johnson
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Re: New Song!

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It must be a breath of fresh air for Bacharach to just occasionally be presented with a lyric which isn't about Love and in this instance it seems to have really inspired him. However, maybe it's just me but I can only make out about 80% of the lyric.

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