North Sea Jazz Netherlands - BURT BACHARACH

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North Sea Jazz Netherlands - BURT BACHARACH

Postby Marcel » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:54 am

On the 12th of juli 2019 is announced that the one and only mr. BURT BACHARACH will perform!
Yeahh….my Music Hero will come after an absence for 10 yrs to the Netherlands!
10 yrs ago he performed with Trijntje (Traincha).
She did two great Burt albums.
I am thrilled that Burt will perform, maybe, i hope not, it might will be the last time that i will see him perform live?
Be real the man is 91 when he will perform on the North Sea Jazz so respect for this guy in many ways and all that touring is having a very toll on an artist and aspecially his age.
But i am glad that he is coming!!

Kind Regards,


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