One That Got By Me

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Blair N. Cummings
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One That Got By Me

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

I owe forum participant Blue for alerting me to this utter obscurity from `66 or so: ... izCjvQp_yf
(This can also serve as a post-script to my reply below which, I now see, reads a little on the snotty side. It`s an oft-mentioned flaw of internet communication: vocal inflections are not included).

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Re: One That Got By Me

Post by blueonblue »

I think one of the reasons for the songs scarcity is that it was a UK only release from 1965.
Apart from Anita Harris, I don't know if anyone else ever recorded it ?

I'd love to be proved wrong.


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Re: One That Got By Me

Post by geoff85 »

Sounds like something that could have been on the Lost Horizon soundtrack maybe because of the cheesy lyrics. Also get a slight "everybodys out of town" vibe. I notice all Burts songs have dopplegangers.

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