Laura Nyro and the Brill Building?

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Laura Nyro and the Brill Building?

Postby geoff85 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:07 pm

I have always thought of Laura as a Brill Building composer/singer. She was from NYC and would have surely have rubbed shoulders with many of the top singers/composers. She seems to be credited as a Brill Building artist by a few publications while those of you guys who were around back then(I certain was) don't seem to give much credence to that. While there seems to be no proof she actually worked out of the gilded Broadway brick and mortar does that disqualify her? Maybe 'Brill Building has come to encompass what we now call ''60 ny pop'" often with collaborations between African American artists(many where caucasian) and mostly Jewish Composers from NYC proper. If that is why Nyro is credited as a Brill Building composer/singer is it because of that very liberal expansive definition? Did she have no contact with Don Kirshner at all? Inputs welcome.

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