Bacharach samples?

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Bacharach samples?

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Late Sunday night I was listening to New Orleans' great college radio station WTUL-FM (you can listen to its simulcast via RealPlayer at

I'm not up-to-date on my genre classifications, but it was sort of a chill/lounge electronica sort of show. The track that got my attention was a Jaffa remix of Nina Simone's "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair" from the CD Verve Remixed Vol. 2.

Anyway, the DJ followed that up with a track by a group (person?) named Royksopp that liberally sampled "Blue on Blue." I discovered from Stefan's site ( that the sample is from 1967 album by a group called Gals & Pals. I know nothing about them.

Serene Dominic's book has a page devoted to Bacharach samples, many of which are in rap songs, but I don't have his book with me at work. Can anyone think of any other Bacharach samples in ambient or electronica? Or rock? Or any genre you listen to?

Off the top of my head, I know Yo La Tengo sampled "Italian Fuzz" (or was it "Bird Bath"?) in "Moby Octopad" and Pizzicato Five sampled that same riff and "Another Night" on their "Made in USA" CD.

Any others?

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