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To Administrator Mark - About Spam Topics - Urgent!

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:13 pm
by Djalma Junior
Dear Mark,

Managing the removal of spam topics has been a pointless task.
Today I have removed more than 300 spam topics.

As soon as topics are removed, immediately new ones are included.

The "B a i d u S p i d e r" Robot took control of the forum login, including the Control Panel that registers several robots users.

I've tried banning all these users, but they return.
It's like "wiping ice"

I will be away from the forum for 15 days from 7/17/2017.

Mark, the palatative solution is to close the login of new users and exclude those users generated by the Robot "B a i d u S p i d e r" until a definitive solution to the problem.

The image below shows what is happening:


Djalma Jr