Los Angeles 2016!

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Los Angeles 2016!

Postby PattyS » Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:26 pm

I'm so exited i'll be atending to Bacharach's concert in LA, when i heard about his injury I freaked out! I planned this to accomodate the dates to visit my familly in California, i'm from Baltimore so i'cant go over there every weekend, you know i've got my plane tickets, bwi car service booked, not the hotel because I'll be staying with them! So to think that they woul change the date really freaked me out! I've loved Burt since i was little, my mom used to listen to him all day so when I listen to him it really brings me good old memories.

Any of you will be there? I just hope Mr. Bacharach an early recuperation!

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