Burt Bacharach, A Life In Song

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Burt Bacharach, A Life In Song

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I received on Saturday, my DVD entitle, “Burt Bacharach a Life in Song”.

The show was recorded in 2015 when Burt was in England by the BBC.
It was great seeing Burt being interview by Michael Grade.
To sing many of Burt’s songs, you have to bring your ‘A’ voice!

Mr. Alfie Boe brought his ‘A’ voice, when he sang, “If I Could Go Back” from the movie, Lost Horizon. Mr. Boe did a first-rate performance on that song!! Also I never heard this song perform to my knowledge @ any Burt Concerts! Burt gave Mr. Boe a well deserve salute!

Josie James, “Any One Who Had A Heart” & “Be Aware” were spot on!!

Burt mentioned that if the movie ‘Grace Of Your Heart’ was a better movie, “God Give Me Strength”, could have won Academy Award! As always, John Pagano did a sterling performance as usual on that song!!

What has become a real favorite of my mine @ Burt’s concerts, is when Donna Taylor sings, “Waiting for Charlie”! Donna goes to church on this song!!!

Well it’s T-11 days until I will be in my seat in Nashville TN!
Take care;


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