Did anyone ever ask Hal David this question?

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Did anyone ever ask Hal David this question?

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I'm talking about the song "24 Hours From Tulsa." Hal's lyric goes like this:

Dearest darling, I had to write to say that I won't be home anymore. For something happened to me while I was riding home and I'm not the same anymore. For I was only 24 hours from Tulsa. Only one day away from your arms. I saw the welcoming light, and had to stop for the night. And that is when I saw her as I pulled in outside of the small hotel -- she was there. And then I walked up to her--asked where I could get something to eat and she showed me where. Oh I was only 24 hours from Tulsa, only one day away from your arms. She took me to the café, I asked her if she could stay."

Okay, here's my problem. A few things: He drove into the hotel in his car. So he had his own car. Yet she took him to the café. Did she take him in his car or in her own car? And why did she have to take him? She didn't have to take him. She could have given him directions. But now comes the line that makes no sense. She took him to the café and yet he asks her if she can stay!! Since there was no reason for her to go to the café, then why would he get there and then ask her if she could stay. She obviously could stay, otherwise she simply would have given him directions to the café and let him go in his own car. She obviously wanted to go to the café and be there with him. I mean, she never met the guy before and then after just meeting him goes to the café with him. So he wouldn't have had to ask her if she wanted to stay. It would be obvious that she wanted to stay. So there was no need to ask her that.

But I don't think I honestly would have the nerve to have asked Hal this question. I mean, maybe he would have told me that they went to the café in separate cars!!

(Okay, let the hate begin. :-) And yes, I have way too much time on my hands.)

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