Burt Bacharach book

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Burt Bacharach book

Post by Alistair »

For those of you who live in the UK - the bargain store "Poundland" has copies of Burt's recent book "Anyone Who Had a Heart - My Life and Music" for a measly quid!

At least the branch on Livingston/Scotland near me had a pile of them on a stand near the door

Blair N. Cummings
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Re: Burt Bacharach book

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

"[A] pile of them on a stand" was more of them than I could find at the Strand in New York upon its release; and a quid is about all it`s worth.
As I remarked at the time, the full Bacharach story before, during, and after the Hal and Dionne years awaits its author. I doubt that I`ll be alive to read it when/if it appears.

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Re: Burt Bacharach book

Post by someonenameddavid »

But my copy is signed by Burt and the Band... not too many of those around....

:-) David
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