We Need to Go Back

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We Need to Go Back

Post by Hank »

I got We Need to go Back for Christmas and I can’t believe what a fantastic album it is.
It is amazing to me that material of this calibre could have lain unreleased for 40 years.
A reminder too (if any were needed) of Dionne’s prodigious talent.
The Randy Edelman song “You are the Sunshine, I am the Moon” really deserved to be a huge hit.
Someone Else Gets the Prize is also excellent - is it worth a search for other Ashford & Simpson produced material ?
Not to mention the Burt songs which are all great.
And Then You Know What He Did feels like a triumphant sequel to Check Out Time......hey I’ve got a really bad idea for a Bacharach musical.....

Bruce Bernard Williams
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Re: We Need to Go Back

Post by Bruce Bernard Williams »

Every time I listen to it is like listening to encore after encore. There are a number of rarities that I wish would be released that aren't familiar but warrent hearing. There's "Love's Hiding Place" from the movie "The Seduction" which stars Morgan Fairchild, the theme from "The Rich and Famous", the two beautiful songs off of Dave Clark's "Time", the theme from the sequel to "Valley of the Dolls", the stunning, sensational slowed-down version of "Solid Gold", "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" from the James Bond thriller " Thunderball", her duets with Paul Anka (Polygram Import), the duet /w Dieter from Blue Project, and, of course, there are others. Some of the ones I mentioned appear on YouTube.

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Re: We Need to Go Back

Post by Alistair »

"Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" was released officially as part of a 2 CD Bond set by EMI in the UK, which also featured many other rarities, demos etc.

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