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Gladys Knight!

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:39 pm
by spanisheyes
I recently came across Love Is Fire Love Is Ice upon recommendation of someone in this forum, this is a beautiful song! I love the way she sings the word "flashback"...
I am a huge fan of Gladys' work on Motown, for me she is possibly the most beautiful female voice in the history of popular american music (Dionne is also way up there!).

I wonder if we could list the full list of Bacharach songs Gladys has recorded? I want to do a Gladys sings Bacharach compilation on my iPod.

These are the ones I know of, please let me know if you know of others!

The Look of Love
One Less Bell To Answer
That's What Friends Are For
Love Is Fire Love Is Ice
Overnight Success
A House Is Not A Home

Am I missing any? surely she covered more of Burt's work?

PS: I am loving the slow 80's R&B grooves Burt & Carole did in the 80's...Love Power, Love Is Fire, these songs share a lot of similarities and are just great, quiet storm type of grooves...