"I Took My Strength From You"

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"I Took My Strength From You"

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I'm curious about something and wondering if anyone has more information on this: In Robin Platts' book about Bacharach/David, he mentions that Dionne recorded "I Took My Strength From You" in sessions with Burt in '74. It mentions her going back into the studio recording three songs with Burt. Now that the Warner Bros. unreleased tracks are being issued, it appears the tracks do not include "I Took My Strength From You." Did Dionne in fact record that song, or is Platts' information incorrect?

David Young
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Re: "I Took My Strength From You"

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If Dionne recorded this song I would dearly love to hear her version. Robin Platts (page 91) doesn`t mention a date , only to state that Dionne and Burt went back into the studio following the DIONNE LP (which was released early 1972). With the forthcoming release of the three songs from 1974 (lyrics by Neil Simon and Bobby Russell)from unreleased Warner tapes, not featuring this song, we can only surmise that there may have been an earlier session in 1972 or 1973 where the song was recorded.
Anyway, I hope the recording exists as Dionne would stamp her own authority on this marvellous song.

David Young

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Re: "I Took My Strength From You"

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Excuse me,

That song in the voice of Dianne Warwick should be amazing! I don't know.

The perfomance best known is trough the singer Joshie Armstead (Futures - 1977)

And another by Sylvester (very stylized):


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