Book signing in Ridgewood New Jersey

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Book signing in Ridgewood New Jersey

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Star Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Place: “Bookends (Ridgewood New Jersey)”

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Super Nova: Mr. Burt Bacharach (The Silver Fox)”


I had to travel from South Carolina where I live now to take care of some business and it coincided with the Burt Bacharach’s book signing!

When I arrived @ the book signing @ 5:30 PM, my Burt buddies Jeanne & Tyler were already in line waiting for Burt. About 6:15 PM Burt & his tour manager Sue Main arrived. I would say there were about 70 to 80 fans waiting.

“The Pen is mighty than the Sword”

Burt signed Jeanne’s book 1st. Burt & Jeanne smile @ each other in recognition of each other! Also Jeanne got a handshake from Burt! I wonder if Jeanne has washed her hand yet (lol)? I was next in line to have my book signed. Burt mentions my name as I approached the table. Burt gave me one of those manly handshakes!

Jeanne, Tyler & I stood off to the side, while other fans had their books signed. Sue Main came over to talk with all three of us for about 15 minutes. I thought that was very nice. What was really special when one the managers @ the store told Jeanne, Tyler & I, that we had to leave. Sue Main told the man, "They are friends of mine!” I told Sue later that meant so much to all of us! I believe Burt signed about another 100 books when all of the fans left. We told Burt & Sue about 10 minutes later good bye and wished them a successful tour in Europe!


I will make that trek to San Diego in August this year again to see Burt in concert!

In addition, I will send Mark some photos from the book signing.

Take care;


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