Hal David is gone

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Blair N. Cummings
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Hal David is gone

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

No jokes or taste quarrels now.
The man who gave us "Alfie" and more has died at 91 according to the alert I got from the NYT.

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by Marcel »

A great great songwriter has left us !!
Hal was next to Burt, unique !
A very modest man,but this modest man wrote such beautiful lyrics.
Not only for Burt his music but also with other songwriters.
We will remember him as a gifted man with a great legacy of songs.
A sad sad moment.

My thoughts were with Eunice David


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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by gillanddon »

God Bless Hal .. may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Andre B
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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by Andre B »

A sad, sad day. RIP Hal.

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by dlbs »

Farewell to one of the greatest [if not "the" greatest] lyricists of our time, Hal David.

Mr. David [and his first wife, the late Anne David] were neighbors of ours while growing up, and one of his sons was friends with my brother. He was never anything less than the MOST gracious and modest of gentlemen. Engaging, warm and without any airs. ~ I had the pleasure of last speaking with him around four years ago, at a songwriters showcase in Nashville. It never even occurred to me, as we reminisced about the more personal chapters in our lives when we were neighbors, that this was the same man who wrote songs that brought joy to millions of people the world over. I pray his departure from this life was a peaceful and loving one, and thank him, with all my heart and soul for the goodness he always showed me. I was and will always be one of his most appreciative of fans, but it is the man I will remember with affection because as brilliantly crafted and as heartfelt his songs were, that is how special a person he was, first and foremost. G-d bless you, Mr. David. You were one of a kind. - My heart goes out to his two sons and his lovely wife, Eunice, who I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. SUCH a wonderful lady, as was Anne, Hal's first wife, who passed in 1987.

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by vincent.cole »

A very, very sad day for all us!!!

My prayers go out to his family and many friends!

Hal is the only one of that trio of Hal, Burt & Dionne I did not meet! Hal seem like such a humble man! Where would those great Dionne songs of the 60's be, with out Hal's lyrics!!!
Take care;


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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by nowmedical »

Rhyming "catch pneumonia" with "never phone ya"? Top man.

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by blueonblue »

"As long as I believe there's a heaven above Alfie"
Hal, thank you for all those beautiful lyrics.......I'm heartbroken.
My thoughts are with Hal's family, Burt and Dionne.


Blair N. Cummings
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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by igtmfo33 »

That "greatest generation" thing. Great courage and sacrifice, and great art a part of that somehow. A fine poet. We shant see the likes of him again.

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by steveo_1965 »

Hal David....RIP

Steve OWen

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by Jerry »

As with all of us on this listserv, I have been touched and inspired by the melodies of Burt Bacharach and the timeless lyrics of Hal David. I join in sending my very deepest condolences to Mrs. Eunice David, his children, family, friends and millions of fans around tthe planet. Hal David spoke for so many of us about love, life, work, aspirations & dreams, even war and its' price. I know he changed my life for the better.

Rest Well Poet.

ron hertel
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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by ron hertel »

"... Is it just for the moment we live? ..." NOT in your case Hal! ...... your contributions will live on for generations to come! ..... Thanks for being an integral part of the soundtrack of our lives. ... Thoughts are with your family, friends and all of your admirers around the world! ... You will remain at the core of this forum along with Burt and Dionne!

Ron Hertel

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Re: Hal David is gone

Post by Alistair »

The triumvirate is gone - Hal David, all music lovers will miss you. A sad day.

Roberto Pinardi
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Re: Hal David is gone

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