Yet another great one influenced by Burt

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Yet another great one influenced by Burt

Post by Rio »

You see, thus guy's...

Then he says what you'd been thinking.

Composed, for instance...
Hello, It's Me
I Saw The Light
Can We Still Be Friends
Love Is The Answer

Burt deserves a real tribute with really great people talking about him and, when apprpriate, how they feel they were influenced. Back to statements by the likes of Ira Gershwin and Richard Rodgers.

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Re: Yet another great one influenced by Burt

Post by flicktease »

Great find! Thanks for the link.

I'm a huge Todd Rundgren fan. Was brought up on Burt Bacharach music and discovered Todd late eightes because of his beautiful but offbeat ballads.

A lot of TR fans were shocked to hear Todd was influenced by Burt but it makes total sense to me!

Both are pop genuises!

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