John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

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John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

Post by vincent.cole »

Star Date: Friday, September 2, 2011,

Place: “Rhode Island Philharmonic (East Greenwich R. I.)”

Time 8:15 P.M.

Star: Mr. John Pagano


My wife Cheryl and I spent a few days in Newport Rhode Island. I promise John that I would catch him with the Rhode Island Philharmonic when I saw the Burt Concert in San Diego on August 7, 2011. I was able to talk with John prior to the start of the concert. John seem very thrill that Cheryl and I came to support him and hear the free concert! My Burt buddies Jeanne and her husband Tyler were suppose to be @ the concert, but they were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene back home in Wayne New Jersey! I guess there were between 6 to 7 thousand other fans that came to see John perform with the Rhode Island Philharmonic in East Greenwich R.I. It was a very nice cool New England night to enjoy the out door concert.

“Mr. John Pagano”

I must say, one of Burt Bacharach’s acorns has grown in a stalwart Oak Tree! I have had the joy of seeing John Perform with Burt in concert for over 13 years! It’s great that John is branching out on his solo career! I told John a few years ago, that you can’t keep that voice hidden! It has become very evident that John is on his way! With the release of his CD, ‘Purge Imagination’ a few years ago. John has show case his vocal talents on that CD!

“R. I. Philharmonic & John Pagano”

The Rhode Island Philharmonic started the concert with 2 numbers. Then Francisco Noya the conductor introduced John to the audience. John sang 3 songs from his CD. ‘Ain’t That a Kick in the Head’, ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘(Love is) The Tender Trap’. The Philharmonic concluded the 1st half of the show with 3 more numbers.

After the intermission the Philharmonic did 2 numbers. John came back on stage and sang 3 more songs. ‘A Song for You’. ‘Any Day Now’. John gave kudos to Burt for being a genius and spoke about how he tour with Burt in Italy in the month of July. John ended his set with the song, ‘Smile’ (by Charlie Chaplin). The Philharmonic concluded the program with the, ‘1812 Overture’ and ‘Stars and Strips Forever’.


Before the concert end, John Pagano’s parents who were sitting in the VIP section on the grass in front of Cheryl and I, made there way to speak with their son. Cheryl and I followed suit. I spoke with John’s father, who remembered me from Mohegan Sun in Connecticut about 5 years go. John’s father even knew my name. I was very surprise about that I guess I am infamous (lol)! Cheryl asked John’s mother where he got that voice! She indicated that it was from her.

I don’t have to tell any of you on the forum, if you had the pleasure of seeing John performing with Burt Bacharach, how great he is! John will be performing with 9 Orchestra from November 9, 2011 to February 14, 2012. You don’t get to do that, unless you have talent! My Burt buddy Alvina will be attending one of John’s Performances @ the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts @ the end of November 2011 in West Palm Beach Florida. You can check out John’s home page

I just want to say one more thing about John Pagano. I hope John will get a song writer and lyricist in the statue of a Burt Bacharach & Hal David! I know I am asking the impossible, but if there is a team out there that can measure up to 40 or 50 percent; John will have a wonderful career! Still waiting for John to come out with a signature song that will endear him to many others!

Take care;


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Re: John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

Post by ron hertel »

Hey Vincent! ... Your description of John's talent is "Right On" ... Wishing him the very best as a solo artist - and - hope he reads your post!

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Re: John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

Post by mark »

Just posting Vincent's photos from John's concert with the Rhode Island Philharmonic. Thanks Vincent! Looks like it was a great show.

John-Pagano-Before-Sept-2-2.jpg (109.31 KiB) Viewed 2388 times
John-Pagano-Rehearsal-Sept-.jpg (117.27 KiB) Viewed 2388 times
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Vincent-John-and-Cheryl-Sep.jpg (90.2 KiB) Viewed 2388 times

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Re: John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

Post by vincent.cole »

Bonjour Ron & Mark!

Cheryl & I had wonderful time seeing and hearing John perform! Yes Ron, John read my post!

Mark, thanks again for posting the photos!

Just an aside. Waiting for Josie James to complete her CD! Josie informed me a few months back, she might tour after her CD is release! Cheryl & I will be there to support her! Hey Donna Taylor if you are reading this, please put something together for your legion of fans!

Take care mon ami's.


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Re: John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

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Great post and great pictures, Vincent!

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Re: John Pagano Sept 2, 2011 Rhode Is. Philharmonic

Post by Rio »

Yes, indeed. Thanks so much, Vincent.
Congratulations to John. I really like his singing.

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