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August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:48 am
by ron hertel
A number of forum participants from all over converged on San Diego last weekend for Burt's annual performance with the San Diego Symphony. Turned out to be a very special weekend with many of us meeting each other for the first time. Also - some of us were fortunate enough to attend the rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. We'll be providing an overview along with some photos.

Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:08 am
by mark
I wish I could have been there, Ron. I attended Burt's show at the Embarcadero back in 2004, I think it was. Hard to believe it's been so many years. That was where I first met Alvina and her husband. Were they there this year? Hopefully I'll make it to a Bacharach concert at some point this year. Unfortunately, Burt doesn't perform on the Gulf Coast too often and my private jet has been in the shop... :D

Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:08 pm
by ron hertel
Hey Mark!
You should have let Vincent know that your "private jet" was in the shop. He would have been pleased to have his "private pilot" land along the Gulf Coast to pick you up on his way to San Diego.... Yes - Alvina was here and I met her for the first time! ..... We'll fill you in on the details - soon!

Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:20 pm
by vincent.cole

Of course I would have picked Mark up in my 'private jet' if I would have know he was going (lol)!

I will have my report on Sunday!

Ron, thank you very much for showing Jeanne, Tyler and me a great time in San Diego and Del Mar!!! :D

Take care mon ami.


Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:02 pm
by vincent.cole
Star Date: Sunday, August 7, 2011

Place: “San Diego Symphony (California)”

Time: 8:30 P.M.

Super Nova: Mr. Burt Bacharach


San Diego, “To boldly go where no man has gone before!” I borrow a few words from the 60’s T.V. show Star Trek. The 2400 mile trip was worth it to see Burt in concert in many ways! We spent 4 days in the area. My good Burt buddies Jeanne & her husband Tyler (from Wayne New Jersey) sentiments are express below.

“Jeanne & Tyler’s comments”

“I, too, had a wonderful time and am so thankful for the opportunity to attend a Bacharach concert again (after almost 3 years). We were so fortunate to have Ron Hertel who lives in Del Mar drive the four of us down to the venue for the afternoon rehearsal, meet and speak to the B.B. crew and then visit with them again backstage after the performance.

The Enterprise bus driver said that San Diego was the closest you could get to Heaven without actually going through the Pearly Gates and I think he may have been right on the money. The climate both day and evening was idea (340 days a year). I can understand why Ron and his wife do not feel the need to have A/C.

The Balboa Gardens gave us a peak at the local plants that grow in southern California. Our walk along the highway and the Historic Gas Lamp District were perfect examples of the cleanliness and pride displayed in the area. The ocean and mountain views were breathtaking. Road congestion appeared to be non-existent and the roads we traveled were smooth and pothole free.”

“My Highlights”

1st I want to thank Laura from Maryland who got Jeanne, Tyler and I the front row dead center table @ the show! During the concert performance both Josie James and Burt acknowledge us from the stage by pointing to our table! What a thrill for all 4 of us!

2nd Thanks Ron for being our Morgan Freeman so to speak by showing us beautiful San Diego and Del Mar! Ron took us down to Del Mar to show us where Burt used to have a beach house. In addition, Ron invited Jeanne, Tyler and I over to his house to spend 1 ½ hours before dinner on Tuesday, with his lovely wife Betty! We had dinner @ a great Mexican restaurant called Fidel’s. Barbara (Heart Light) who lives in San Diego joined us for a very enjoyable evening! Naturally the conversation center on Burt!

3rd The afternoon rehearsal was surreal! Donna, Josie & John wave to us from the stage! Jeanne yelled out Burt’s name and in the next moment Burt said, “This one is for you!” I believe that Jeanne was floating about a foot off the ground (lol). In addition, during a break in the rehearsal, Donna, Josie, Sue Main (Burt’s tour manager), John, Vinny (John’s brother who plays drums) his sister & nice came over to the area where we were standing to talk with us! I wanted to thank Sue Main who got us backstage!

4th Glyn and her husband Roger came all the way from England to see the concert and visit the colonies. I have met these truly great Burt fans @ a number of concerts! I also want to thank them for giving my wife Cheryl & I a special gift!

“The San Diego Symphony Pops”

Since it is racing season in Del Mar this time of the year, the theme for the ½ hour performance centered on horses. The last song that was played was, “The William Tell Overture.” The conductor got the audience going when he said, “Hi Ho Silver.”

“Burt Bacharach (The Silver Fox)”

Some of the vocal & instrumental highlights for me were:

Josie James: sang that killer, “Any One Who Had A Heart!”

Also a great 60’s Dionne song called, “Are You There With Another Girl!” This is the 1st time I have heard this in concert! In addition Josie sang a song that will be feature in a Play that Burt is doing the musical later on in the year called, “Every Other Hour!

John Pagano: “God Give Me Strength!” & “Any Day Now!” (Tom Ehlen on the horn!)

Donna Taylor: “Closer To You!”

Burt Bacharach: “My Little Red Book!” “Alfie!” Burt dedicated, “A House Is Not A Home “to his wife Jane!


When the show was over, 7 of the faithful Burt Bacharach fans met near the fence to take a photo opt. Ron had the business card that I sent him enlarge. The caption on the 2 cards said, “Burt-en-ized!” Starting to the left was the following. Jeanne, Tyler, Barbara, Alvina, Ron, me & Laura! I will send this photo and others to Mark who runs the forum. Jeanne purse had a photo of Burt from the late 60’s on it! I know most of the women who attended the concert would have loved to have that!!! Tyler her husband and I order extra protection on the purse! Jeanne was left to fen for herself (lol)!


We waited about 15 minutes and were allowed to go backstage. There was a large crowd gather. For me what was special was that I was able to meet and talk with Oliver & Raleigh Burt & Jane’s wonderful children! I asked Oliver was he musically inclined. He told me that he plays drums. I told Oliver that I saw him snow boarding on youtube. He seemed please that I was very interested in him. I told Raleigh that Burt was a treasure and loved by many people!

Josie James introduced me to her husband Nigel and her nice daughter and son! Nigel was looking forward to meeting me and ditto for me!

I spoke briefly with Burt and thanked him for enriching my life with his music! I told Burt, because of his music, I have met some wonderful people from all over the world! And a few of them were @ the concert that night! Burt thanked me for saying those words!

Well I am looking for my next Burt concert in 2012. I hope Burt will come East, if not I will have to make that trek out to lovely San Diego to see him again!

Take care;


Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:00 pm
by ron hertel
Not much I can add to what Vincent, Jeanne & Tyler posted other than to say it was really a great weekend attending a concert with so many forum participants that I had never had the opportunity to meet. ....... Attending the afternoon rehearsal reaffirmed what I always knew about Burt being a perfectionist....... He fine tuned everything with his musicians and 3 vocalists to assure a perfect performance that evening - and he did it with kindness toward everyone and the highest level of professionalism. ....... I believe we can look forward to many more years of great performances from Burt along with much more great music. .... San Diego will be hosting the premier of his new musical at the Old Globe Theater in November. ...... Enjoyed meeting all who came San Diego and Del Mar!

P.S. Mark - hope you can join us next year!


Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:01 pm
by blueonblue
This must have been a wonderful concert !
Thank you so much for sharing !

Take care mon ami's,

Re: August 7th Burt Bacharach Concert

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:41 am
by Roberto Pinardi
Hi Pards,
There is a new member of the Burt's band that a great musician: Bill Cantos