Dionne Arista Reissues Due this Month

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Dionne Arista Reissues Due this Month

Post by nymusicalsguy »

Soulmusic.com Records this month is reissuing in one package Dionne's 1990s Arista albums SINGS COLE PORTER and AQUARELA DO BRASIL, the latter containing Burt's song "Captives of the Heart" written with John Bettis. Details at:

http://theseconddisc.com/2011/02/01/dio ... sic-label/

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Re: Dionne Arista Reissues Due this Month

Post by Pablo »

The Cole Porter album was a bit of a let down for me and I was very illusioned with it when I bought it (I have the vynil copy - I love that inner photo of her in that 30s armchair). I don't think the production did any justice to her voice here (Dionne can do anything, but I think she is better in dramatic songs than handling lighter material like Porter's. I don't think she was comfortable with this songbook). The 'Aquarela' record is nice and seems more close to her sensibility and, musically, not very far away from Bacharach.

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Re: Dionne Arista Reissues Due this Month

Post by GehVorbei »

I didn't buy Dionne's recent autobiography I only read bits and pieces online. In what I read she describes that together wih Arif Mardin she had recorded basically the whole Cole Portner album in a very jazz-flavoured style and they were extremely enthusiastic about the result. And then they played it to Clive Davis and he totally HATED it. So they went back - were sent back - to the studio and rerecorded the whole thing in the AC style it was released in. In a way her Cole Porter album foreshadowed what Clive did later with other artists (Rod, Barry etc.) and the Great American Songbook.

Aquarela came as a shock to me because it showed so clearly how much her voice had deteriorated, but I love it musically. Even more so today, then back in the early 90s. Apparently Clive didn't like Aquarela either.

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Re: Dionne Arista Reissues Due this Month

Post by gillanddon »

I love both these albums .. especially her Brazilian one .. some say her voice is most at home with those fabulous soft samba rhythms.

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