John Barry RIP

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Sara D
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John Barry RIP

Post by Sara D »

Just as you could identify a Bacharach song within a couple of bars during the 1960s, the same could be said for a John Barry film score with those trademark shimmering strings and twangy guitars. Of course he made his name with all those classic Bond films but my personal favorite score of his is 'The Ipcress File' from '65 and starring Michael Caine. Like all of his best scores (think also 'Goldfinger' and 'Midnight Cowboy') it has a haunting quality that stays with you long after the closing credits. The UK's most successful film composer (5 Oscars) who's music I'm sure will continue to thrill and delight movie lovers for generations to come.

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by steveo_1965 »

John Barry's music is very inspirational to me, and indeed we have lost great one!
The Ipcress file was a cool film, and I love all of Michael Caine's 6o's spy pictures...
As a young lad, coming home from school and putting on a John Barry soundtrack was very favorite album from the Bond genre is Thunderball...
R.I.P. Mr. Barry


Re: John Barry RIP

Post by GehVorbei »

RIP John Barry!I commemorate him with Dionne's great take on the fantastic "Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", which was written by him and Leslie Bricusse for "Thunderball".

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by someonenameddavid »

in the (london ) Telegraph obituary it mentions that John Barry worked with Hal David.... what songs???

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by gabba »

the song in question is "we have all the time in the world" sang by Louis Armstrong.
music by John Barry and lyrics by Hal David,,,,bye Gabba

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by Jerry »

My personal favorite of John Barry's scores is the evocatively beautiful MIDNIGHT COWBOY harmonica score. I have yet to hear an orchestral score which so thoroughly captures the character of a story and its' characters.

Among the composers for Grown-Ups spoken of this site, his work will truly be missed!

Best to All,


An Enormous BB Fan
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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by An Enormous BB Fan »

I was so saddened to hear of John barry's passing. I love his music. Film scores don't come much better than John Barry's.

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by blueonblue »

One of my favourite John Barry themes.....

R.I.P. Maestro... and thank you for all your beautiful music...


Barry in the UK
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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by Barry in the UK »

In addition to We Have All The Time In The World from the Bond film On her Majesty’s Secret Service Hal David also provided the lyric to John Barry's theme for Moonraker sung by Shirley Bassey.

As a boy I can remember JB with his group The John Barry Seven.

A sad loss.

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by pljms »

Around about the time of the John Barry Seven (see link below) his arrangements were starting to feature on recordings by the likes of Adam Faith. I know that he arranged Faith's 1960 recording of Bacharach & David's 'With Open Arms' and I'm just wondering how many other Bacharach songs he got to arrange/orchestrate over the years.

Yes, he was undoubtedly a unique talent who's left us a vast legacy of great music. The YouTube video features the John Barry Seven from 1960 with JB himself on trumpet.


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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by Pablo »

'Diamonds are forever' by Shirley Bassey is beyond words:

Sara D
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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by Sara D »

Here is John Barry's haunting theme to 'The Ipcress file'. The lead instrument is called a cimbalom and is apparently Hungarian in origin:

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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by vincent.cole »

To all;

Like many of us here on the forum, I am truly sorry to hear the passing of John Barry! What a great talent!

By the way, even though John Barry was British, he spent the last 30 years living in Oyster Bay New York.
Take care;


Bill Minnick
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Re: John Barry RIP

Post by Bill Minnick »

One more John Barry classic, a personal favorite of mine. Nice retrospective clip, too.

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