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Burt CDs

Post by burtchifan »

Hello everyone,
First of all, Merry Christmas to all fellow fans of all things-Burt.

As a huge fan of Burt's solo material, I have a question: does anyone know if or when, if ever, Burt's A&M records will be available on CD? I know 'Reach Out', 'Make It Easy on Yourself', and 'Greatest Hits' are available, but was wondering about the others: 'Burt Bacharach', 'Living Together', 'Futures', 'Woman', and 'In Concert'. I know they are included in the nice 'At This Time' collection, but would luv to have them individually, since I do have 'Reach Out' and 'Make It Easy On Yourself'. This would certainly be a treat to long-time Burt fans, as well as open the door to even more new Burt fans.

To listen to Burt's interpretations of his own material is simply amazing, and thrilling to me. In fact, I prefer some of his interpretations over other artists': 'Reach Out for Me', 'Wives and Lovers', 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart', songs that feature different instruments, the Maestro on piano, arranging, conducting, performing, and producing all tunes... it doesn't get any better than that.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Burt CDs

Post by nymusicalsguy »

Hi there,

All of the titles you mention have been released on CD individually (in addition to being part of the SOMETHING BIG box set) but can indeed be hard to find and expensive. In the current climate, a major-label reissue for these titles may be unlikely, but I would encourage you to write Wounded Bird, Friday Music and the other small labels that license music from the majors. You never know -- they just might be interested in reissuing any one of the classics you mention.

Happy Holidays!! (And I hope everybody here is enjoying "Some Lovers" - the perfect Christmas gift from Burt!)

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Re: Burt CDs

Post by Blair N. Cummings »

I`m assuming your reference to the "at This Time collection" is really to the multi-disc "Something Big" set released six or seven years ago. If you can still find copies on Amazon or e-bay, it`s probably still your best bet despite the duplication of a couple albums you already have. As far as I know, the other A&M albums are available singly only as Japanese imports at punishing prices. If money`s no object to you, go for them. Otherwise the Something Big package is still the most economical option.

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Re: Burt CDs

Post by steveo_1965 »

By the way...when I first met Burt, or one of the early encounters with him...he was rehearsing with the orchestra at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles... a tune he recorded
on an early Kapp album "The Man"..and it was later dropped from the reissue of said album..
I thought the string "voicings" which were played ,if i remember correctly, without any vibrato..those major seventh chords in the strings sounded amazing! Im wondering if "The LAst One To Be Loved" (Burt orchestra version) has been re-issued on a "cd"......


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Re: Burt CDs

Post by blueonblue »

Here it is...........

Very best wishes,

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