Rumer has it

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Rumer has it

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Read what Rumer had to say about our Burt: (this is from Rumer's own site at,r ... mas_19.htm)

A special one-off release, together with the legendary Burt Bacharach and acclaimed American playwright Steven Sater.

‘Rumer Sings Bacharach at Christmas’ will feature a brand new Bacharach composition, ‘Some Lovers’ – not featured on her debut album, ‘Seasons Of My Soul’ - together with her beautiful take on the classic ‘Alfie’. It will be released on a limited edition 7” vinyl, designed by Rumer herself, and will also be available to download and buy on CD from December 13th. Rumer will headline London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on December 17th, which has now sold out, ahead of further live dates and her next official single in early 2011.

‘Some Lovers’ is Burt Bacharach’s first new recording in five years. His work with Rumer began in March, when, for a brief time, she found herself stranded in America as a result of the relentless volcanic ash. It was then that she got the phone call: Burt Bacharach had heard her songs, and wanted to meet her. She describes it as the happiest moment of her life, and days later, made her way alone to Mr Bacharach’s Californian home. Rumer was shown into the drawing room where, as she aptly describes him, “the greatest living composer of the twentieth century” was sitting with Steven Sater; perhaps best known from the award-winning Broadway and West End musical, ‘Spring Awakening’. Sater and Bacharach were working on songs for a brand new musical, ‘The Gift of The Magi’, based around a love story set across several Christmases. Rumer, armed with Sater’s lyrics, then sang one of these numbers as Burt played along on the piano: an incredible – thought understandably intimidating – experience, which she quite literally took away with her. For Bacharach gave Rumer the sheet music to the song she had sung, and invited her to work on it back in England with her own producer, Steve Brown.

The end result, ‘Some Lovers’, is pure magic; a soaring love song, lyrically inspired by that first flush of feeling, and the blossoming of a new romance. Though Christmas is very much at the roots of the song, it is not, as such, a seasonal song. There is, for instance, that classic Broadway swing that, Rumer confesses, is totally out of her comfort zone, but feels right at home amidst the classic movie musicals that inspired her as a child. At the song’s heart, though, is the timeless melodic flair and instant, comforting familiarity that could only come from Burt Bacharach. Somewhat ironically, Rumer had woken her boyfriend the morning she visited Burt – thrilled at the prospect of meeting her hero - by jokingly exclaiming, “Wake up! It’s Christmas!” Hours later, she found herself singing a song written about that same sense of excitement. The release comes backed with a live cover of ‘Alfie’, a personal favourite of Rumer’s, which she debuted during her spellbinding set at London’s Tabernacle

Discussing the project, Burt Bacharach affirms that “It’s so nice to have a singer just sing a song without the frills or the diva tricks. Rumer really delivers the goods!” Sater, too, observed the distinct emotional mark that Rumer made on the pair’s production: “what I always hear in Rumer is the struggle of her heart. And that’s what moves me in her songs. When she sings, “Some lovers are dreamers”, I believe her.” The experience and, indeed, this one-off release caps off an astonishing 2010 for Rumer: she has become the fastest selling new artist of the year, having already sold over 100,000 copies of ‘Season Of My Soul’ (only released November 1st). “When Burt Bacharach gives you a song to sing,” she says, “it is simply a dream come true. We wanted to honour that by making something really special for Christmas.”
There's an article in the new issue of Mojo magazine where Rumer also talks about the thrill of meeting and working with Burt. I can't wait to hear this new song!


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Re: Rumer has it

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Well, we know it's not true that "Some Lovers" is Burt's first recording or new song in five years, but its release is a special occasion nonetheless...Rumer's album has rarely left my CD player since it arrived, and her voice should be a perfect match for one of Burt's compositions. I can't wait, especially because "Some Lovers" is the first Bacharach/Sater song acknowledged as coming from their planned musical, THE GIFT.


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Re: Rumer has it

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Beautiful version of The Sandpipers classic !!!
I would love to see Burt compose and produce a full album with this incredible singer !!!


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Re: Rumer has it

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Have a listen to this beautiful track from Rumer's new upcoming album 'Boys Don't Cry'

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Re: Rumer has it

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Beautiful track! You know, if Burt were younger, and if there were still a wide enough audience for quality vocals and not mere vocal acrobatics, Rumer could be an heir to Dionne...

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Re: Rumer has it

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Yes! I go to sleep at night thinking about a whole Bacharach/Rumer CD with new songs.

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Re: Rumer has it

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You can hear Rumer performing and in conversation with Michael Feinstein on NPR Music's 'Song Travels series' here

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