Burt's Best Interpreter (other than Dionne)

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Other than Dionne Warwick, who is the best interpreter of Bacharach?

Dusty Springfield
Chuck Jackson
Lou Johnson
Cilla Black
Gene Pitney
B. J. Thomas
Elvis Costello
Ron Isley
No votes
Jackie DeShannon
Total votes: 21

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Burt's Best Interpreter (other than Dionne)

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Who do you think is the best interpreter of Bacharach songs? Feel free to post your own favorites if I've left them off this highly subjective, thoroughly incomplete list...

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Post by vincent.cole »


After I saw Chuck Jackson sing, "Any Day Now" on one of Burt specials, I would say he has my vote! 8)

I would have to go with Dusty for the female.
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steve owen

other than dionne...

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male:gene p.

Sure Thing

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I would vote Dusty Springfield (female) & Tom Jones (male).


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Jackie DeShannon. Few songs, but excellent on each.
Chuck Jackson and B.J.Thomas among male singers.

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other then Dionne

Post by Marcel »

My favorites are Dusty Springfield,Lou Jonhson,Luther Vandross :D

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Post by warbachavid »

Dusty Springfield and Luther Vandross

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other than dionne

Post by hereiam »

male: Bobby Vinton
After i heard the song Charlie
nearly 30 years ago, it knocked me
out. This rare gem should receive
more recognition.
And Bobby's earlier hit "Blue
on Blue" was a pleasant enough song
but nowhere near this song Charlie.

female: can't find anyone who
could match Dionne. But marginally,
let's say Astrud Gilberto. Her
voice just fits Burt's song.
By the way, i heard her version
of "Wanting Things" years ago, and
it was SUPERB. How i like to hear it again ! Anyone who have heard her version got any comments on
Gilberto ?

An Enormous BB Fan
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I voted for Dusty Springfield, but B.J. Thomas is just as good. The three songs he sang, "Raindrops", "Everybody's Out of Town" and "Long Ago, Tomorrow" were spectacular. I think it's a big shame that Burt & Hal didn't give many more original songs to B.J. Thomas. One of the great male pop voices of all time, IMHO.

By the way, from what I understand from a friend's personal conversation with B.J., B.J. didn't particularly enjoy working with Burt. Burt was too demanding of him.

guest westgate

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I have very little opinion regarding this question other than outside of Dionne...I think Dusty and Lou Johnson, clearly had the feel of the music. Regarding BJ Thomas, I agree with Enormous's friend, after reading many of the Burt bio's it's clear that Burt is perfecting and demanding. And BJ has even acknowledged that Burt wanted him to learn how to read music, at which BJ basically refused. And as well BJ was also was enjoying the 'evils of drugs, drinks, and women' as well as touring lots and did not enjoy the rigors of being in the studio with someone as taxing as Burt!!


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I adore Cilla Black and any of her passionate interpretations of Burt's songs. In particular "Anyone Who Had A Heart" and "What The World Needs Now Is Love". Cilla gets my vote any time!


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You really opened up a "can of worms" with this question! I think about this every time I hear a BB song performed by anyone other than Burt or Dionne. I agree with many of the posts responding so far - I'm a real Dusty fan; however, the only Dusty interpretations that I consider "definitive" are "Wishing And Hopin" & "Look Of Love" (maybe "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself") Della Reese does a great version of "House Is Not A Home" and Jackie DeShannon has done some beautiful interpretations in addition to her blockbuster version of "What The World Needs Now"
Patti LaBelle has scored with "We Need A Little Faith" and "Sleep With Me Tonight" as well as "On My Own" with Michael McDonald. Same holds true for Aretha Franklin "Someone Elses Eyes" and "Everchanging Times".
I'll add to this later on

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Best Interpreter ?

Post by Marcel »

I think that each performer got his/her own way of interpretation.
Do not forget that the most songs that Burt wrote with his co-writers are very demandings songs!
So my opinion is that there is no best interpreter.
Sorry ! :oops:


Aretha Franklin

Post by Toms »

Add Aretha Franklin to the list.
Tom in Motown

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