Official news release on Burt's surgery

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Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by mark »

Bill beat me to the punch with his post, but attached is the full text of the news release regarding Burt's recent surgery.

LOS ANGELES, January 4, 2010 – Legendary composer and conductor Burt Bacharach is recovering from back surgery at a hospital in Los Angeles, it was announced today. Bacharach had surgery on New Year’s Eve, and his prognosis is excellent.

Upcoming Bacharach concerts in Palm Beach, Florida, Australia and New Zealand through mid-March will be rescheduled for later in the year and/or 2011.

Bacharach last performed in concert on December 19 at Piazza Duomo in Milan, Italy, and returned home to spend Christmas with his family.


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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by vincent.cole »

Thanks Mark & Bill.

Hope Burt has a speedy recovery!!! :D
Take care;


Susan Vincent
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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by Susan Vincent »

Oh Burt, may you have a speedy recovery. I am still praying for Heniz Hall. Get Well Mr. Bacharach.
Love, your fan Susan...... :(

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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by gabba »

Dear Mark,Thanks for the new.
I was feeling bad to have said something false or inappropriate here on the forum.
The new came directly,as i wrote,from son Cristopher on Facebook,and i felt quickly desolated and worried to the point to ask the question about Burt's health,here on the forum,considering that here in Italy we are far and maybe not aware of what's going on for real.
Of course i wish a speed ricovery for my hero,considering that his age speaks for itself,and i'll wait for him performing again here in Italy.I love him as if he would be one of my family.
Bye everyone of you of the forum....Gabba

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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by blueonblue »

Get well soon Burt !
The last couple of days have been torture, not knowing what was wrong and stuff ?????
Thank God you're okay !


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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by mserra »

Dear Burt,
You have been a true hero prefoming in Milan on december 19th. I was happy and thrilled to be there on my wheelchair, together wth other 20.000 people, and the members of your Italian Fan Club. Let me say that I feel particularely close to you, in this circumstances, because in my earlyer years i had several orthopedic surgery interventions preformed on my self, at the Belvue Medical Centre,in N.Y.C. and I know how it feel like - and what a patient goes thrue.
All my best wishes and deepest feelings for a complete and Fast recovery.

Your friend and Fan

Mario Serra, Rome, Italy

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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by Jerry »

You are in our prayers Maestro!

And please Gabba, don't be too hard on yourself...I'd say 'Make it Easy on Yourself', but that would be too obvious!

Kind & Supportive Thoughts to Burt, his family and all Bacharachians around the globe!!!


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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by steveo_1965 »

Hey Burt,
This is Steve! Hope your back mends well, and that you'll be back on that stage directing the orchestra soon!

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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by gabba »

Thanks Jerry for the support.
Usually i'm not into gossip and i'm not used to say something so delicate unless it comes from a real source.

The matter is that Burt is ok and that's it.
Long life to hime and all the Bacharachians!!!!
bye Gabba

ron hertel
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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by ron hertel »

gabba & Mark

Thanks for alerting us to this gabba - even though you were in on no position to confirm it -and - thank you Mark for giving us the official word! I am one of those who has "been there and done that" and encourage Burt to take the time necessary to fully recuperate! I know he will be feeling great - soon!


An Enormous BB Fan
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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by An Enormous BB Fan »

I just this sad news. And this sad news is all over Twitter (just do a search for "Burt Bacharach" and see how many of his fans have posted this -- which is what I expected). A Google search will bring it up also.

And, alas, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts has posted the following notice about Burt's show:

"Burt Bacharach’s performance, scheduled for Friday, January 29 at 8 p.m. in Dreyfoos Hall, has been canceled.

A dominant composer and arranger for over five decades, Burt Bacharach is rightly regarded as one of the most important and influential figures in contemporary pop music. His legendary string of hit singles and movie themes includes “That’s What Friends Are For,” “Walk On By,” “Alfie,” “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” “The Look Of Love” and “What The World Needs Now.” Accompanied by superb singers and a five piece band, he’ll bring his hits to life on stage."

I will have Burt in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God Bless Burt Bacharach!

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Re: Official news release on Burt's surgery

Post by Jeanne »

Burt's BLUE ON BLUE seems to be the appropriate song and the way I'm feeling regarding the cancellation of Burt's concert in Florida originally scheduled for the end of January. Four of us BB fanatics were so looking forward to a badly needed Burt "fix". One very good friend and fellow Burt fan has agreed to pay for my therapy.

Oh Burt . . . we are so very happy that your surgery was a success, however, you are GREATLY missed. We all wish you a rapid recovery and a 2010 without back pain.

To Rob Shrock: So sorry that we will not see you in FL as discussed at Dionne's concert in NJ.
To Burt's entire crew: We truly hope to see you back on the east coast again soon.

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