The Bell that Couldn't Jingle

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The Bell that Couldn't Jingle

Post by Martyn »

What a charming song this is!

Having listened to it in the last few days I find myself humming the tune to myself all the time. It's very catchy. And timeless.

I didn't know it existed until I discovered an A&M festive compilation LP in the early 90s at a community volunteer radio station. The cover art is at this youtube link:

Friends of mine have a daughter who's now about seven years of age. I introduced her to the song about four years ago. She looks forward to hearing it every Christmas.

Personally I think this version - Burt's own, is the best!


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Re: The Bell that Couldn't Jingle

Post by Fussi »

Today I heard it for the first time. It's a really good song.

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Re: The Bell that Couldn't Jingle

Post by blueonblue »

Herbie's version..........

Very best wishes folks ! :D

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