Keith Burke.........Very Sad news...

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Keith Burke.........Very Sad news...

Post by blueonblue »

To Everyone,
I emailed Keith on Saturday to ask if he was okay,yesterday I received
an email from his partner.....saying that he passed away last Tuesday
after a long illness.
I'm sure I can speak for everyone on the forum.........that Keith will
be very, very greatly missed.........


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Post by steveo_1965 »

Let me be the first to wish Keith's family and friends my condolences...
He was a friend to many on this board........


Steve Schenck
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sad news...

Post by Steve Schenck »

I add my condolences to Keith's partner and other family and friends. Indeed, Keith shared a lot of his knowledge/love and resources of "all things Burt" with us. I will keep him and his loved ones in prayer.

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i'M very sorry!!

Post by gabba »

my goodness!!what happened to him??i did'nt know about that..thanks to him and his generosity..i send to the family my all sincere condolences..GABBA

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Post by mark »

This is truly sad news. My heartfelt condolences go out to Keith's friends, family and loved ones.

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Post by nymusicalsguy »

This is devastating, unimaginable news...I'll always treasure my correspondence with Keith and his generosity as we shared Bacharach treasures between us and our extended family on this thoughts & prayers are with the esteemed Mr. Burke's partner and family during this difficult time.

Bill Minnick
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Post by Bill Minnick »

I would also like to convey my sincere condolences to Keith's family and friends.

In addition, I have been asked to deliver a message. Bruce, a friend of Keith's, sweetened a bunch of rare Bacharach-related recordings for Keith and still has possession of some records and such that he believes may belong to a frequent guest to this site. I understand a rare Tom Jones album and some 45s by Patti Page and Keely Smith are among the cache presently in Bruce's possession. If you are the rightful owner of these recordings, please e-mail me and I'll gladly put you in touch with Bruce.

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Post by ferper »

This is indeed a very sad news. I also join with the rest of the board, with condolences to his family and friends. He has shared with us many of his treasure findings asking nothing back. His pressence will be missed.

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In Memory of Keith Burke...

Post by Jerry »

I want to add my thoughts & condolences, with all of you, in memory of Keith Burke and deepest sympathies to his partner, family and friends.

Although I've been mostly a passive observer of the activities on this site, it never fails to amaze & give me faith in a small part of our world, that the fans of Burt Bacharach have such big hearts. Keith Burke's generosity with his musical treasures---I think we all know now he wanted to pass on this great music!---is a small example of this.

Love, is indeed, something we need much more of...and when I come to this site, most every day, I almost never fail in finding it!

Love, Peace & Good Wishes to you All!

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A gentleman

Post by grooverider »

Mr. Burke helped me and many others on this site. He was always so willing to "share the joy" in our common love and admiration of all that Burt Bacharch has done. Maybe the music that Mr. Burke so loved can be helpful at this time to his family and loved ones.

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Thanks, Keith

Post by scotsgreg »

What a shock...I always enjoyed his knowledgable posts and was ever impressed with his eagerness to share his love of music. He was clearly a very special guy who touched the lives of so many and will be much missed...

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very sad

Post by Marcel »

Very sad to read that Keith has passed away.
My condolences to his partner and family.

I would like to thank Keith for all the great gems that he shared with us!
Very sad!


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Post by Andrew »

Just read the sad and shocking news about Keith - I too would like to share my condolences with his family, friends and everyone who met him via this forum. A true Burt fan and a good guy, he will be sadly missed here.


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Post by Rio »

As I said before, Keith's posts changed my life -- and in a very positive way. This can't be said about too many people, especially among those I never met.

blueonblue e gabba reminded us that Time was the last song that Keith posted. I have been listening to it a lot. And thinking about asking if you too think it is great.

Here's the link to this gem, as it is up to us now to keep sharing the joy Keith sent our way. I think he would like that.

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Post by MissYvonne »

I, like many of us on this forum, communicated with Keith outside this forum. We got to know each other via emails and notes that were included with CDs that he so generously made for me. I am amazed that not once did he ever refer to being ill, which apparently he was during the time I got to know him. He was a generous and humble man. He had a vast knowledge of music, composition and arrangement, and would always downplay this. I know that many of us on this forum would agree that we were lucky to have known him, and are lucky to still have those gifts that he shared with all of us. I will miss him.

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