Hard To Find Bacharach / New Disc

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Hard To Find Bacharach / New Disc

Post by NoahW »

Okay, so I have been into Burt for a couple years now and I have "Reach Out" and "Make it Easy on Yourself" on CD, as well as the Collaborations with Elvis Costello and Ron Isley.
I have found it rather difficult to get a hold of the following CD's for a reasonable price:

Burt Bacharach (self titled)
Living Together
Futures (I have this on vinyl, but not CD)

I have tried numerous resources such as gemm.com, amazon, and ebay, but perhaps my timing has just been off. It would be nice if someone would reissue the Bacharach Catalog, remastered, with new liner notes. I would definitely be all over that. Does anyone know of any possibility that this would happen?

My final question has to do with the new record. Is there a prospective date as to when it will be released? I'm sure Mr. Bacharach is taking his time making just right. I really want to hear it! It would be great to hear some new music from him in the 21st century.

Any response to these questions would be helpful.

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Post by Martyn »

Yes, I agree your missing out is really a matter of timing. I guess that with these particular titles, the label concerned (in Japan presumably) had one re-issue and when they ran out, that was that.

I wouldn't be surprised though if they get re-issued again, perhaps in another country.

All I can suggest is keep trying the sites you've been going to.

I did see a copy of Burt's self-titled album available on Amazon but, as you suggest, at US30.99 it's hardly a bargain!

Some of the tunes from "Living Together" and Burt's self-titled album can be found on the "Easy Loungin" compilation of Burt's instrumentals which is priced at the more reasonable $23.99 at Amazon.

Failing that you might consider buying the 2nd hand vinyl albums and transferring the music to CD, either yourself using the appropriate software, or through a reputable company that offers this type of service. Often the results make it hard to tell that the source was a vinyl record.

Good luck.


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Post by mark »

I neglected to buy those titles on CD when they were available as European and/or Japanese imports and now I'm kicking myself.

Vinyl copies turn up with some regularity on eBay and at thrift stores. I haven't searched eBay for the CDs lately, but they're out there so they must turn up once in a while if you're willing to pay the price.

The recently released CD What the World Needs Now: Bacharach Classics and the older compilation I'll Never Fall in Love Again each feature a number of tracks from those albums.

As for the new record, I'm trying to get the details. If I find anything out, I'll be sure to post it here first.


RE: To NoahW about the Bacharach re-issues

Post by Guest »

One alternative is to write to A&M Records and make inquiry.
Although I know for a fact that this company has been bought by
the Virgin Records, the same owner of the record megachain stores
her in the States.

Japan' s right to re-issue must have ended already. Most of my
import copies have been purchased at Virgin MegaStore (no surprise here!).

2nd Hand Vinyl still sells Bacharach chiefly in my neck of the woods.
Bacharach is not as hot as , say..James Brown, Rolling Stones or The Doors, for dated memorabilia LPs 33 rpms. If you use computer, I suggest you buy a sound card. In my case I use the Live Blaster attachment , I just paid a technician for 50 bucks to attach it , together with my video card.

With that you can convert your LPs into digital CDs. You need a codec to transcode your analog to digital. Popular now is Ipod, but cheaply I used the MD Sony codec. Very easy to use. Sony MD has just sunk its price to less than a hundred for its recorder/codec.

I find that transfer from vinyl is more natural spectrum sound as a very very clean or remastered copies record store sells. It appeals more to my auditory sense and skin. (Hence, Virgin stills LPs to this day!)

Try Salvation Army , Aids benefit Stores, Job Creation Store for
the second hand LPs hunting. Internet has fair price for LPs.

If all other fails, befriend a selfless fan to give you a digital cd dub copies of their BB CDs. Some posters here warm my heart when they start giving away unselflessly for nothing--just email addressess exhanges, DDarii


Hard To Find Bacharach

Post by jbp60 »

A&M Records is owned by Universal, not Virgin. There are plans to reissue all of Burt's albums on CD in the U.S. very soon. Stay tuned!

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