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Virus Alert

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Some forum correspondents have reported receiving an email message from "the bacharachonline team" that asks the recipient to open an attachment using the indicated password to learn "the details." DO NOT OPEN THIS ATTACHMENT! IT IS A VIRUS! THERE IS NO "BACHARACHONLINE TEAM"!

This virus, in various incarnations, has been making the rounds on the Internet. It did not, I should point out, orginate on my computer or my server, but it may have picked up email addresses from the member list or infected the computer of a user of this board.

The ONLY automated email you will receive from this site other than your initial registration confirmation are the messages generated when you check the box "Notify me when a reply is posted."

In general, you should never open attachments unless you expect them or you can verify with the sender the authenticity of the attachment.

Thanks and back to regular programming...

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