Sheet music for "South American Getaway"?

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Sheet music for "South American Getaway"?

Post by Alec »

Hello there. this is my very first post on this forum in a long, long time.. glad to be back!

Can anyone help me get my hands on sheet music for the great "South American Getaway"?

Alec Cumming


south American Getaway Sheet

Post by Guest »

You may be able to get it in the song folio from "Butch Cassidy"
published in 1970 by Hansen Music.(check eBAY)
The actual piano part or arrangement is only in Burt's and 20th
Century Fox's library...
I highly recommend getting the "Aunt Gertrude" version (printed music made for little old ladies in Pasadena) then extrapolate on that by transcribing from the record.


South Am Getaway

Post by AndreB »

It was also published in a collection called "The Magic of Bacharach"

guest crazyforburt

welcome back alec

Post by guest crazyforburt »

nice to hear from you again...i miss the old regulars and the interesting posts we used to get

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South American Getaway Sheet Music

Post by Rusty »

Hi Alec,

Were you able to find the music for South American Getaway?



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Re: Sheet music for "South American Getaway"?

Post by sunny16 »

New post on an old thread here... I too have been looking for the sheet music to South American Getaway. Looks like it's now here in all its glory!... ... c/21989980

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